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Backgroud: Undoubtedly you have heard of "a retreat". Our friends at Merriam and Webster tell us that this noun can mean "an action or process of withdrawing especically from what is difficult, dangerous or disagreeable; the process of receding from a position or state attained."


By definition this means that a "retreat" could only be considered successful unless you left with Less than when you arrived.

So, AMAZ!NG Coaching & Consulting plans and provides an ADVANCE!
I highly encourage you to change your thinking, change your vocabulary and say to life, "BRING IT!".

The 48 hour AMAZ!NG ADVANCE! at the Del ™ (The Hotel Del Coronado) will be one of the most beneficial exercises you engage in. Using the best selling book, Who Are You? What Do You Want?: Four Questions That Will Change Your Life as your text book, you will make a commitment to reading this book beforehand and then engage in the 48 hour exercise described in the back of the text.

You are reading this because you are already a high performing individual. I encourage you and welcome you to ADVANCE!

Be part something truly transformational
..:: The ADVANCE! ::..




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