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What's your E.T.R?

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How does AMAZ!NG Coaching and Consulting help you?

The short answer here is, "it depends".
You are an individual and to maximize your success, your coaching experience will be tailored to your needs. For sure there will be written exercises that you are encouraged to complete (much like when skydiving you are encouraged to pull the cord on your parachute) but everyone learns in a different way and your definition of AMAZ!NG is probably different than the next exceptional human being. So, the way we will get there will involve experiences that will allow you to be epic, very epic.

To determine the best way for you to learn, AMAZ!NG Coaching and Consulting uses the MindScan assessment tool developed from the Hartman Value Profile: a very powerful mathematical formula for measuring your thinking intrinsically, extrinsically, and systemically. The math behind formal axiology, developed by Dr. Robert Hartman provides immediate results and will build a foundation upon which you expectations will be exceeded.

AMAZ!NG Coaching and Consulting has developed a simple, three (3) step formula based upon the Exploration, Transformation and Results. You will frequently be asked and be asking yourself, "What's Your E.T.R.?"

The basics:

  1. Determine where you are:
    • What's your level of self esteem?
      • What do you think about yourself and others?
    • Are you fully committed to being magnificent!?
    • What will it look like when you become AMAZ!NG?
    • What will it feel like when you become AMAZ!NG?
      • There's data to support that the feeling is more important than the stuff that you'll have accumulated by the time you reach the status of AMAZ!NG...
  2. Determine how to get there:
    • What are the resources necessary to get to AMAZ!NG?
      • I bet it involves attracting excellence into your sphere of influence!
    • How long are you willing to allocate attention units to being better?
    • How long are you willing to allocate attention units to being AMAZ!NG?
      • The correct answer here is "The rest of my life, for the best of my life"!
  3. How we'll do it:
    • The big differentiator for AMAZ!NG is that our process is based around experiential learning.
    • Some experiences that are available to you as a client:
      • Mountain biking Haleakala: Explore and Transform your thinking while experiencing sun rise from a top a 10,000 foot volcano.
      • Cirque Du Soleil: If you have every wondered what the Result of true team work is, this experience will blow your mind.

So, if you want to live a life of "more" of the "best", contact an AMAZ!NG ambassador and get started!