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What the AMAZ!NG MindScan tells you

  • Your capacity to make value judgments, not your values.
  • Your strengths in each of the three thinking dimensions in each of the two worlds.

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Outside World:
Inside Looking Out

Inside World:
Inside Looking In

  • Intrinsic
  • Extrinsic
  • Systemic
  • People
  • Practical
  • Systematic
  • Self Esteem (Who Am I)
  • Awareness (What Am I)
  • Self Direction (Who Should I Be)
  • Your clarity score. How clearly you can think, separating the emotional from the intellectual as indicated by the placement of the bubble on the sheet (left, right, center, etc.).
  • Your capacity score. The depth of your thinking as indicated by the size of the bubble.
  • A measure of how you think, i.e., what do you emphasize and de-emphasize (indicated by individual biases in each dimension and your clarity scores)
  • Insights into your thinking capacities through a combination of the measured capacities adjusted by your biases (Clarity)
  • The indicator of those areas that require thinking patterns that are in conflict or are reinforced by the client's capacities and clarity (biases). This serves as starting point for Career Guidance.

CLICK HERE to take the MindScan online assessment and Live The Dream

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The Mind Scan:

Dr. Robert S. Hartman constructed both the original and the research editions of The Mind Scan (HVP) according to the hierarchy of values developed in The Structure of Value. The HVP is an axiological inventory which measures a person's capacity to make value judgments concerning the world and one's self. It consists of two parts: Part 1 is a list of 18 items pertaining to the world, and part 2 consists of 18 phrases related to the self. The self part of the original edition concentrates on work, and the self part of the research edition takes health as its theme.

To complete the HVP, a person is asked to rank the items from best to worst, and the phrases from most agree to least agree. The results reflect an individual's own preferences, which are measured against the objective scale given by formal axiology. Measurement is very precise, yet practically allows for almost infinite variety.  The results of the HVP are derived from logical, mathematical norms, and are not based on the values of any specific population or group. Consequently, it is not a "test" to be passed or failed; and the results have no bias with respect to sex, age, race, creed, or any other socio-cultural classification.

** Honesty is the best criterion for obtaining accurate results. 

The Mind Scan is especially useful for the following purposes:

  • Discover strengths and weaknesses to help with career paths.
  • Executives, managers, and employers will find it useful:
    • for discovering the strengths and weaknesses in yourself and of your team
    • for identifying areas where additional training may be needed
    • for building work teams and groups,
    • for measuring group morale and spirit,
    • for determining suitability for promotions and job reallocations,
    • for retaining existing employees, and
    • in accident prevention


  • Counselors and therapists will find it helpful:
    • in identifying compatibility when matching potential partners in marriage,
    • in marriage and relationship counseling,
    • in preventive mental health programs,
    • in psycho- and axio-therapy to guide the direction of treatment and to pinpoint results and progress, and
    • in identifying stages of and facilitating moral and religious growth and development.

What the Mind Scan Doesn't Tell You:

  • Personality Traits or Groupings
  • Aptitudes or physical skill levels

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CLICK HERE to take the MindScan online assessment and Live The Dream